Information Technologies in Science & Education

Advances in Electric Drives, Automation and Mechatronics

Introduction by Professors from all the Participating universities

Date: Nov. 15, 2017

Venue: for registered university representatives log in is available any time using logins of

Time in the Agenda UTC +5:30

2:00-2:10 Chief Guest: National University of Mining
2:10-2:20 Chief Guest: University of Rome
2:20 -2:30 Chief Guest: Dr. Anand A Samuel, Vice Chancellor, VIT University

Topic: VIT towards 2025

2:30-2:40 Video Presentation,VIT University, Screen Sharing
2:40-2:50 Video Presentation of Labs and Campus by Partnering Universities
2:50-3:00 Video Presentation of Labs and Campus by Partnering Universities
3:00-3:10 Dr. Arivazhagan. Dean, School of Mechanical Engineering
3:10-3:20 Presentation by Dean- Dr. P. Arulmozhivarman, Dean, SELECT, VIT Uni. Title: About School, Possible Research Collaboration
3:30-3:30 Prof. Giovanni Schiavon, Dean
3:30-3:40 Prof. Gian Carlo Cardarilli, on IoT and Embedded System Design
3:40-3:50 Director of Electronics, Prof. Ernesto Limiti
3:50-4:00 Prof. Vincenzo Mulone, on combustion engines and renewable energy
4:00-4:10 Prof. Corrado Di Natale, chemical and bio-chemical sensors, Uni Roma Tor Vergatta
4:10-4:20 Professor Mathew Noel, Professor, Control and Automation, Title: Machine learning for Industrial automation
4:20-4:30 Professor K. Palanisamy, Head, Energy and Power Electronics and Drives, Title: Power Hardware in Loop for Virtual Inertia testing and other auxiliary services of Energy Storage systems
4:30-4:40 Dr. Denis Ashok on Instrumentation
4:40-4:50 Dr. Ramakrishnan on Fluid Power Systems
4:50-5:00 Dr. Kalaiarasan on Robotics
5:00-5:10 Dr. Senthil Kumar.S on Mechatronics
5:10-5:20 Eng. Siomin A. Department of Electric Drives
5:20-5:30 Eng. MartinukV.. Department of Electric Drives
5:30-5:40 Dr. Beshta A. Department of Electric Drives
5:40-5:50 Dr. Balakhontsev A. Department of Electric Drives
5:50-6:00 Eng. Lelko V. Department of Electric Drives
6:00-6:10 Prof. Riccardo Marino on Automation and Control
6:10-6:20 Prof. Stefano Bifaretti on Electrotechnical aspect
6:20-6:30 Professor K.R.Prabhu, Head, Control and Automation, Title: Industrial Automation – PLC & SCADA
6:30-6:40 Professor S.Sivabalan, Professor, Instrumentation, Title: Development of Ultrafast fiber laser using nano-material based Saturable Absorber
6:40-6:50 Professor S. Umashankar, Associate. Professor, Energy and Power Electronics and Drives, Title: Advanced Power Electronics Drives
6:50-7:00 Professor Sarat Kumar Sahoo, Head, Electrical and Electronics Engineering ,Title: Development of Multilevel- Multistring Grid Inverter
7:00-7:10 Prof. S. Venkatesh, Asso. Prof, Electrical and Electronics Engg. Title: Modern Era Challenges of Direct Stroke Lightning Protection for Systems & Structures of Critical Applications & Significance”
7:10-7:20 Prof. S. Prabhakar Karthikeyan, Asso. Prof. Electrical and Electronics Engg,Title: Transmission loss/cost allocation methodologies and challenges in Deregulated electricity market
7:20-7:30 Professor N. Ramesh Babu, Head, Instrumentation,Title: Control Strategies for Microgrid with renewable integration
7:30-7:40 Prof. Ernesto Limiti on IoT and Embedded System Design
7:40-7:50 Discussion and Question and answers time,Vote of Thanks, exchange of presentation and Certificates
8:00 PM Dinner Follows